Saturday, September 13, 2014

Baltimore Comic Con 2014 Cosplay Spectacular!

So, another Baltimore Comic Con has come and gone. I had a chance to catch up with friends, make some new ones, get some sketches (you'll be seeing those in a few upcoming posts) and get some comics. All in all great time!

And there was cosplay! So much cosplay! Here's just a sampling of what I saw...

"Once Upon a Time" cosplay, Regina the Evil Queen and Rumpelstiltskin

Never seen Mecha-Godzilla and Mothra done before!

Artist and cosplayer Zippertan be sure to check out her Facebook page

I love Labyrinth! And this gender swapped Jareth was awesome!

Black Dynamite...Dyno-mite! Dyno-mite!

These innocent looking folks do a web series, Gotham Underworld, check it out! 
By the way...this Joker was also the Rumpelstiltskin a few pics back!

A first for these two...Miguel & Tulio from "The Road to El Dorado"

I walked up to these 2 from "Gangs of New York" and said,"You boys are an awful long way from the 5 Points"...they were thrilled I got it! 

Oderus of GWAR

I love the girl doing a sexy Scooby...another first for me!

Gender swapped Blue Beetle! Yes!

Shaun and Ed, and gender swapped Shaun and Ed...they had some red on them, lol

Luchador Venom

It almost looks like Black Manta farted and Space Ghost smelled it...

Very cool Beetlejuice and Lydia

This gender swapped pair may have been my favorite of the weekend!


  1. Heeey, that's my husband and I as Jack and Sally! So thrilled that you liked our costumes. This was our first Con/Cosplay, and we're already looking forward to our next!

    1. Glad you found my page Katie! You two really were my favorite cosplay of the con! Can't believe it was your first looked GREAT! Really nailed it!