Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Text Tuesday: "Mass Murder By Radioactive Salt"

If that's not an attention grabbing headline, I don't know what is!

Here's a little something different...and a possible new feature on the blog...a text piece from Blue Beetle #2!


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Super-Team Family Sunday #10

Welcome to another Super-Team Family Sunday! It's a red, white and Blue Beetle post featuring a team-up with Captain America!

Remember to check out Super Team Family: The Lost Issues for tons more brilliant comic mash-ups! 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

"Can't Go Home Again"

When last we left Jaime Reyes in the pre-New 52 DCU, he was naked and alone in the desert having just realized that he is the new Blue Beetle...well, sort of...I don't think I recapped the first issue as thoroughly as I do Ted's adventures. Hopefully, today's peek at issue #2 remedies that.

Blue Beetle #2, "Can't Go Home Again", is once again brought to us by Keith Giffen, John Rodgers and Cully Hamner. The story picks up with Jaime wandering through the desert in search of clothes, and something to tell his parents. He gives a very simple recap of "Infinite Crisis" (a satellite that Superman needed help with, saving the world...in space) before deciding she'd never believe it and would probably kill him...and then, flashback!

Jaime, Brenda and Paco are eating lunch outside at school, but they're being watched! While his friends don't notice Jaime (or more specifically the scarab) does. Jaime walks over to see what's up. Damper, the guy, can block people from seeing himself and those close to him. 

Probe, the girl...probes, or tries to. The scarab blocks her...and delivers some kind of psychic feedback as a defense, which gives the girl a crippling headache and nosebleed. Damper thinks it's Jaime's doing, but probe knows it's not, mumbling "no its not him...it's the other. The other..." Damper doesn't seem to hear it though, he pulls her away warning Jaime "Bad move! The Posse takes care of its own!", before disappearing. 

Back in the present, naked Jaime stumbles up to a gas station, and tries to get some clothes from a Goodwill donation bin. Suddenly "KA-CHAK", our hero finds himself facing the wrong end of a shotgun held by a burly gas station attendant. Lucky for Jaime the guy takes pity on him and offers to help...for a second I was worried this was going to go dark and "Deliverance" creepy!

Back in the past Jaime is hanging around his dad's auto shop, trying to get his father to let  him work part time. Dad says no, but Jaime persists, "Mom thinks its a good idea" At that point Damper, and the Posse walk by and Jaime takes off running, but gets tackled by a dwarf. The Posse corner him in an alley and say they want payback. He hurt Probe, and they want to know why? Scour, an obese member with acid sweat, flicks his fluid at Jaime. Surprisingly, as holes form on Jaime's shirt, Damper tells Scour to stop...at least until they're sure he deserves it. A cute blond steps forward and introduces everyone, "Where are our manners? The little one's Thump. I think you know why. You've met Damper. The pig's Scour. I'm Bonita." 

She proceeds to move in, as if to kiss Jaime while asking his name...but the scarab steps in. In seconds Blue Beetle is fully armored and on the offensive! Thump tries to get the jump on BB, but ends up tossed in a dumpster instead! Scour tries an acid attack, but gets pushed back with an energy blast! Thump tries again and gets hit with bolts of electricity from Beetle's armor! With everyone down, BB makes his escape, leaving Damper to wonder just what happened? 

The issue finishes in the present with Jaime getting a ride home from the gas station attendant. As they arrive, Jaime says he'll just sneak in his bedroom window...so no one freaks out...but they do! Jaime thinks he's only been gone one night...but he's actually been missing for a whole year!

Not too much Blue Beetle action in this issue, but some great character development and set up! What happened? How'd he going missing for a year? What's up with the Posse? The answers will be revealed (maybe) when we look at issue #3... Coming soon!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

DC Versus Marvel: Blue Beetle/Spider-Woman

Here's a card from the 1995 DC Versus Marvel trading card set by Fleer. I loved Jim Calafiore's art on the 90's Aquaman series, and this card makes me wonder what a Blue Beetle series drawn by him would have been like.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Multiversity Release Update! (Updated)

I posted this yesterday on the Kord Industries Facebook and Twitter pages but somehow got distracted and missed posting it here.

Back in November I posted a little something about Grant Morrison's long delayed "Multiveristy" which is set to include a look at Earth-4, home of the Charlton Action Heroes, with art by Frank Quitely...well, it looks like we finally have a release date of this August! 

Here's hoping it's worth the wait!

Check out the story on CBR here! Updated with a Newsarama story!

Blue Beetle in Infinite Crisis MMO?

I just saw this announcement that Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes, has been added to Turbine/WB Games "Infinite Crisis" online!

I have to be honest, I haven't played this myself...don't know much about it...but if any Beetlemaniacs out there have PLEASE comment below! I want to know if it's worth checking out? Heck...I want to know if Jaime is the only Beetle in the game?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Americomics #3 "He's Back! Blue Beetle!"

As I've mentioned before, there was a short period after Charlton and before DC, when Blue Beetle (and some of the other Charlton Action Heroes) were published by AC/Americomics. That short period was 1983, and Blue Beetle appeared twice in Americomics...well Ted Kord appeared twice. In "Americomics Special #1: Sentinels Of Justice" and in "Americomics #3"...which is what we're looking at today! And it also featured Dan Garret and Dan Garrett...sort of. Read on my friends!

"Americomics #3" actually has 3 stories, two of which feature Blue Beetle(s). First up is "Return From Pago Island!" with story and art by Rik Levins and inks by Bill Black. Right out of the gate Ted Kord is swinging into action busting up three guys playing poker in a warehouse. We quickly find out the money they're playing for was stolen in a bank robbery. While Ted is busy taking down two of the criminals, the third tries to make a run for it. Unfortunately for him, he runs right into Dan Garrett?! The thugs take a few shots at Dan, to no effect, before jumping into their car to make a getaway. Ted radios the BUG to intercept, but before it arrives Dan smashes through a brick wall and flips their car with his red-gloved hands! "Well Ted? No word of greeting for your old friend and college roommate?"* Ted is pretty surprised to see Dan alive, but probably even more surprised when Dan punches him! 

After tossing a few more put downs like "The world doesn't need you, Ted Kord...and I certainly don't want you!" Dan disappears into the night, leaving Ted to wonder just what's going on. Filled with self doubt Ted heads home "I was never anything more than a fill-in...a pale imitation!" He then retells his origin to his girlfriend Tracey, for the benefit of the plot. Flashbacks to crazy Uncle Jarvis Kord and his plans for world domination, his army of robots on Pago Island, and Dan's ultimate sacrifice. Tracey, the voice of reason, points out that if Ted saw Dan die and Ted is sure there was no way Dan could have survived then this Beetle must be an impostor! Ted agrees, but says it's impossible...no one alive could know about Pago Island. Tracey replies "Well...as Sherlock Holmes once said 'When you've eliminated the impossible..." and Ted immediately understands, finishing the quote, "...whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." He then suits up, hops in the BUG and goes looking for "Dan". Ted locates him pretty quickly too! Why? "I helped design you, remember?" Yup! It's not Dan...its one of Jarvis' "prototype super robots"! The battle of man versus machine begins! Ted kicks! Robo-Dan punches! Ted throws Robo-Dan through a window! Robo-Dan throws Ted into a brick wall! And just when things look bad, I mean really bad...Robo-Dan is about to smash Ted with a car...the BUG blasts the robot with a bolt of energy! 

Ted wonders if maybe he accidentally activated the BUG...but the smiling spirit of the real Dan watching from above hints at something else. End of act 1.

Next up, Leo J. Laney (plot/art), Neal Stannard (script) and Bill Black (inks) bring us "The Blue Beetle To Live Again!" Two Kirby-like gods fill us in. Dan Garrett is being resurrected! A couple quick flashbacks tell us something new...Garret and Garrett were reincarnated! Like Hawkman! The gods explain that in the 1940's with the help of vitamin X-K**, Dan Garret brought the scales of justice back into balance before falling victim to a mad scientist's bomb. Then in the 1960's "a less memorable career" (ouch!) who was also snuffed out, and then replaced by someone without powers...Ted Kord. "But now the true Beetle shall rise!" the god continues, as he fills Dan with the life force, the power of the eternal warrior, before sending him back. 

Of course Dan wakes up screaming "NO! I don't want to go back!" so we're not off to a great start here. The gods have also been kind enough to leave Dan a note..."Dan, Appointment 9:00am at C.I.B. building. Good luck on new job. The Gods, PS- Try not to get killed this time." If that doesn't inspire confidence, nothing does! So Dan heads down to the Central Intelligence Bureau, but when he arrives they can't find his file. The gods do a quick checklist...and realize, they forgot it and quickly put it in place (ugh!). 

Dan gets assigned a partner, Ms. Norel, and an assignment...accompany her while she exchanges a mob boss for a captured C.I.B. agent. They head to the rendezvous, driving a blue Volkswagen Beetle (not sure if I should laugh or cry) and guess who the other agent is? Blue Beetle, Ted Kord!  Ted smells a double cross brewing among the mob and tries to make a break for it, but gets tackled by a thug with a blackjack. By the time Dan arrives on the scene, all hell breaks loose. The mobsters shoot their boss, and continue to beat down Ted...until Dan transforms into the Blue Beetle! The thugs are confused...two Blue Beetles? They don't have time to process though, Dan begins throwing punches and laying them out! When the dust settles it's just Dan, Ted and Ms. Norel left standing. Ted continues to get put down (I get the feeling the folks at Americomics...specifically the ones that worked on this second story...didn't like good ol' Ted much). He describes Dan as a "true hero" and himself as someone who just wears "a fancy costume". He then gets sent off by Norel to report this to the chief, so she can get to know Dan a little better.

Yeah...apparently in the Americomics universe, Dan is a super pimp! The first story wasn't too bad, but this second one? A little too campy for my tastes...though I was intrigued by the reincarnation spin. The art was ok, the first story feeling "animated" at times, and the second giving a very Silver Age, though somewhat inconsistent, impression with the art reflecting influences from Kirby and Gil Kane among others.

See you next week!

*Roommate? I thought Dan was Ted's professor? 

**Someone didn't research, or didn't care...but, for the record, it should have been vitamin 2-X

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mego-Style Golden Age Blue Beetle v1.5

Ok, my first attempt at custom Mego Blue Beetle figures didn't work out quite the way I'd hoped. Instead of being discouraged, I'm more determined. I'm even considering tackling the challenge of making Ted and Jaime's costumes on my own.

In the meantime I went ahead and did a couple quick side projects...secret identities! After going back through some of Dan Garret's Golden Age adventures I realized that our police officer is a redhead, not brown hair like the first head I purchased. So I hopped online* and ordered a new head...and some clothes...and another body...accessories...and came up with these...

Rookie patrolman Dan Garret (investigating a suspicious box)

and that brown haired head? Archaeologist Dan Garrett (investigating a mysterious box, lol)

Until I finish my work on the Beetles, their alter egos are being housed in their respective boxes

*I've found classictvtoys.com and 8inchsuperstore.com are great for finding the parts I need! But if anyone has suggestions or tips, I'm all ears!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What the Kooey Kooey Kooey?

Back in 1989 we were introduced to the South Pacific island of Kooey Kooey Kooey in the pages of  Justice League International. The location appeared several times, and became the setting for Blue Beetle and Booster Gold's island casino, Club JLI.

Well, now our friends Rusty Winns (Beetle), Jay Tallsquall (Booster), and Echo RedBird (Gypsy) take us back...to Kooey Kooey Kooey!

(Photo By Stacy Hokett)

Awesome pic guys! Thanks for letting me share!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Poll is closed...here are the results!

It looks like the majority of Beetlemaniacs that voted that they want to see Ted Kord back in blue...and so do I! 

With Jaime Reyes established in DC's New 52 continuity as the current Blue Beetle though, how would that play out? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

In the meantime, I guess we'll have to wait until 05/21 (the current release date Forever Evil #7) to see just what Geoff Johns has in store!


A Hero (Blue Beetle)
  9 (45%)
A Mentor (Jaime?)
  4 (20%)
A Backer for the League (like Max Lord)
  6 (30%)
A Zombie
  1 (5%)

Votes so far: 20
Poll closed