Saturday, July 26, 2014

What are DC's plans for Ted Kord?

So a while back we saw reports that seemed to indicate good old Ted was set to appear on the new season of "Arrow"...but then, instead it was announced Ray "the Atom" Palmer would appear, played by former Superman, Brandon Routh. 

Now we find out the creative team behind "Arrow" wanted, but we're denied the use of, Ted.

So...what do you think DC are planning for our favorite Blue Beetle? Give me your thoughts Beetlemaniacs! 


  1. Remember a few years ago rumour DC want to produce Blue Beetle or Booster Gold tv show. I predict Ted Kord is on that show. It will be awesome if you ask Geoff Johns on twitter about what is DC plan for Ted Kord. Geoff Johns right now in charge of this things I think

    1. I would love to see a Blue & Gold show! And I did tweet Geoff response yet...

    2. Hopefully he will reply your tweet as soon as possible. Oh btw just wanna inform that Blue Beetle is confirm for Lego Batman 3 video games. Hopefully Blue Beetle also can appear in Injustice 2 games