Sunday, October 20, 2013

Forever Evil #1

Ok, ok...I'm a little behind, I know. I recently went through a move, went on vacation, and just a couple days ago went in to the hospital for an operation. Now, I'm settled in and conscious enough to start digging through my read pile. Shag, from Firestorm Fan, tipped me off to this recently...but when I read this page I got pretty excited!*

Kord Industries exists in the New 52! Not just that, it's big enough, important enough, that Lex Luthor is trying to buy it?! Thomas Kord, the man speaking to Lex, even makes a reference to his son running the company "one day soon". He never calls Ted by name, and I wouldn't put it past DC to throw a curveball our way...but still...Kord Industries exists!

What do you think Beetlemaniacs? Will we see good ol' Ted soon?

*so excited I immediately stopped reading, took the above pic and wrote this post. I'm going to go finish reading now! 


  1. After the treatment my heroes have received over the past 25 years, I can't think of anything that could make me by a DC or Marvel comic book now. Only exception is Batman '66, which is outside the regular "universe."

  2. I can't disagree...I've had mixed feelings or been flat out disappointed with the way quite a few of my favorite characters have been treated/rewritten...but if they announced the return of Ted, I'd be first in line to buy it, hoping for the best!

  3. I'd probably take a look but would be very afraid at what awful new "twist" DC might feel compelled to give him...everything needs to be "improved" by the new writers and editors, you know!