Sunday, October 27, 2013

Super-Team Family Sunday #4

Welcome to another Super-Team Family Sunday! This month Ross returns with another cover featuring the Thing...and this time with Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes.
At the time this was originally posted (May 2, 2011) Ross said..."I was among the many Ted Kord fans that was not happy when the Blue Beetle was killed off to kick off a DC Comics crossover. Despite that, I decided to give his replacement, Jaime Reyes, a chance and I have to admit that I do like the character quite a bit. I really loved the look of the new Beetle armor that Cully Hamner designed - it really makes him stand out among the rest of their heroes - and Jaime was written with an appealing personality. I even got a kick out of his appearances on the Batman: The Brave and the Bold cartoon (not so much the recent Smallville appearance - the armor was way too clunky). This new Blue Beetle is definitely a welcome new presence in the DCU. That said, there was no reason he could not have been introduced while still keeping Ted Kord alive as well!"


  1. No, that's not the Blue Beetle. They should've just made a new character called Indigo Scarab or something.

  2. Matt, I agree...renaming and launching Jaime as his own character would have certainly been preferred, especially with the new 52 version that absolutely ignores the legacy of the character. Ted is and always will be my Blue Beetle! That said, I have read some of Jaime's adventures recently...and it's not all bad, no Ted obviously, but readable.

  3. I have nothing against Jaime; as a Latin myself I wish there were more Latin heroes...what drives me nuts is killing off a good character and then giving me a new "ethnic" version rather than just creating a new good character. Remember when Black Lightning, Luke Cage, and others were launched?

    I don't need Firestorm killed and replaced with "Brown Firestorm," if you see where I'm coming from--how about just inventing a cool Latin hero?

  4. I was just mad they cancelled Blue Beetle and then tried to keep him around in that one post apocalyptic planet book. I forget whats its called cause I only read one issue got confused and never picked it up again. But that was one of my favorite books of "The New 52" and they keep cancelling all the best underrated characters but Firestorm moved up the Justice League so why couldn't they have done the same for Jaime and have him part of the Teen Titans? Or launch a Booster Gold ongoing? They have enough fans for these characters and I think they know that. Its just unfair they are all treated this way...

    1. I think that book was "Threshold" was DC's New 52 catch-all space adventure book, but like a lot of the New 52 it didnt last long.