Saturday, October 12, 2013

Vintage Blue Beetle Advertising #2

Here's a great vintage BB ad that covers the comics, newspaper strip and radio show all at once! can't go wrong with the Blue Beetle!

Special thanks to Rob "Aquaman Shrine" Kelly for sending this my way!


  1. It's often forgotten how big a star BB was in the Golden Age. He was the 2nd super hero, after Superman, to get his own self-titled comic book, beating out even Batman. It's a shame guys like BB, Black Terror, the original Cat-Man, and other big-time heroes faded away when so many others have carried on.

  2. 130 million back then and can't support an ongoing nowadays. So disappointing. :(

    1. If not for the ancillary revenues, I doubt Superman or Batman would still be published given how low their sales are. Readership has dried up.