Monday, September 26, 2016

Apologies, delays...and a brief hiatus

Beetlemaniacs, due to some things both good and bad in my life, I've had to make the tough call to take a brief hiatus from blogging. 

The bad? My full time job is for a large telecommunications company. My office is currently going through some growing pains, and as a result my schedule has become...well challenging. Longer than normal shifts coupled with frequently changing hours and days off has made it difficult for me to keep up with some basic stuff around the house, let alone maintaining Kord Industries and the Phantom's Skull Cave.

The good? My time outside of that swirling storm that is work has been dedicated to planning my future! I'm engaged, wrapping my head around an upcoming wedding...and looking into going back to school!

Fear not...I'm not abandoning you or the blog! For the last few years I've used October, December and April as sort of skip months. Traditionally that has meant covering Halloween and Holiday themes in fall and winter, and random topics in spring. 

This year though I'm going to take those months off...well at least October and December. I'll be back in November to cover the last of the 1986 DC Blue Beetle series and with some luck I'll be getting in the reviews of the new post Rebirth Blue Beetle series as well.

Keep an eye out here and on Facebook for more updates...and thanks for your support and understanding!

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  1. Congrats on the engagement! Looking forward to hearing from you again once everything levels back out