Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Future of the Phantom

I got some great feedback and response to my October look at the Ghost Who Walks. I had trouble deciding how to approach the character at first, eventually deciding to follow a similar pattern I use with Blue Beetle. We started with the 60's Gold Key book, jumped to this 80's DC title, and then closed the month looking at some more recent entries into the Phantom mythos.

Like I said, the feedback I got was great, so I've decided to continue my exploration of the Phantom by creating a new page...The Phantom's Skull Cave! Blue Beetle will still my main focus, and take up most of my time, but I think I can manage at least one Phantom post a month over there for the moment...and I've got plenty to look at thanks to the Hermes Press "The Phantom: The Complete Series", as well as the other assorted Phantom comics I own. So be on the lookout starting January 8th for "Phantom Fridays" and Gold Key's 2nd issue, "The Rattle"!

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  1. Outtasite! I love the Phantom, especially the comic books from Gold Key and Charlton!