Saturday, November 28, 2015

Inside Man

Last issue Jaime, Brenda and Peacemaker took a road trip to meet Dan Garrett's granddaughter, Danielle. We got a peek at the Blue Beetle legacy, saw the return of Bottom Feeder, and saw just how connected Peacemaker still is. Well, now Keith Giffen, John Rogers and Duncan Rouleau are back to peel back a few more layers of this story with issue #9, "Inside Man"!

This issue opens with Jaime and Paco unloading box after box of the paperwork they got from Dani Garrett. As they do the heavy lifting, Brenda and Jaime's mom try to come up with a plan to sort and review it all. Milagro, Jaime's sister just wants everyone to be quiet so she can watch TV but that's not happening...

especially when Peacemaker shows up unannounced. Jaime's dad lays down the house rules, which Peacemaker quickly agrees to before offering to follow through and share some of his own backstory over coffee. 

It seems in the not too distant past Peacemaker, having given up being a superhero himself, was doing freelance work targeting Intergang. Somewhere in Egypt things went south, and following an explosion he found himself blown into a pyramid. Not just any pyramid's the same one Dan Garrett originally found the scarab in! The tomb of Kha-Ef-Re. How does he know? Well, he'd teamed up with Garrett before (and Ted Kord too) and Dan had told him stories. As an added bonus Peacemaker follows the scarab carvings on the walls of the tomb straight to a giant sarcophagus. When another nearby explosion rocks the tomb, Peacemaker grabs for the coffin to steady himself and, knocking off the lid, discovers there's no's full of alien tech! 

And...that's it. That's all he's sharing...for now.

Milagro joins the family, complaining that her shows aren't on. Every channel seems to be reporting on Blue Beetle! Jaime walks Brenda to her car, discussing the news coverage, but she's more worried about Peacemaker. During the fight with Bottom Feeder last issue, she says Peacemaker looked at Blue Beetle like he was as much of a monster as the villain! 

Paco arrives before the conversation can get deeper and informs Jaime they have a "code blue" call. It seems while Jaime was off on his road trip, Paco set up a Beetle Base of sorts...with the two hacker teens he met in the restaurant last issue. 

There's a five alarm fire at a chemical's time for Blue Beetle to leap into action! 

Back at her aunt's house, Brenda catches Blue Beetle saving two fire fighters on the news before overhearing a conversation between her aunt, La Dama, and Fire, formerly of the JLI now working for Checkmate. Trying to get closer Brenda moves into her aunt's office and discovers a few papers and an odd box on the table. She picks them up out of curiosity and ping! 


Sorry...BOOOOOM! When La Dama and a couple of her employees come to check it out they find the office empty, no sign of Brenda. Luckily there was a camera in the room so they'll know what happened soon enough.

Let me say, for an issue that featured very little of the Blue Beetle in action there was a LOT going on! It was cool seeing some of Peacemaker's story, and his connection to the Blue Beetles past and present? That's where its going I'm guessing...his exposure to the alien tech in Kha-Ef-Re's tomb is why he's interested in Jaime? Not just his previous teamings with Dan and Ted. I also dug the appearance of Fire, the JLI connection. I've got to give this book credit...even though Ted Kord isn't there in body, his presence is definitely felt! And Intergang...a Mother Box/Boomtube? Like I said, a LOT going on! 

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  1. Art looks pretty good...I'd have a much easier time if they would have made a new character rather than discarding my BB for this one. As a Latino I get tired of all minority heroes being rewrites of old characters. How about a new hero? They used to do it all the time...Luke Cage, Black Lightning, Vixen spring to mind.