Saturday, August 29, 2015

Road Trip

Last issue Jaime and his family took a trip out into the desert to try to uncover what happened to him on his first night as Blue Beetle. It was...quite sad actually, even if it did explain a few things and confirm what Peacemaker had been saying about the scarab being alien tech. Well, now Keith Giffen, John Rogers and Cully Hamner are back with the next chapter in the story of Jaime Reyes. Here's issue #8, "Road Trip"!

Following the events of last issue, Jaime, Brenda and Peacemaker set out on a, well...a road trip. 

Brenda has been doing a little online research and, thanks to, managed to track down a lead. And what a lead it is! After bickering like an old married couple and stopping to pick up some supplies, they're on their way to see Dan Garrett! What they don't see though, as they cruise down the road, is Bottom Feeder watching from nearby. What they don't see though, as they cruise down the road, is Bottom Feeder watching from nearby. 

Back home, in El Paso, Paco and Pinata (of the Posse) bump into Jaime's mom and sister at a local restaurant. Paco's a little worried about his friends, but Mrs. Reyes assures him they checked in that morning. Inside the restaurant, El Diablo's, Paco overhears a conversation I bet will come up again...two teens talking about computer hacking.

When our hero arrives at the Garrett residence we find not Dan Garrett archaeologist, but Danielle, his granddaughter. She's been researching her grandfather, and for her own safety posing as "Dan" online. As they discuss the scarab, how it attached itself to Jaime and the powers it's shown, she's intrigued and never exhibited those for her grandfather. 

She also declares that technically as Dan Garrett's heir it should belong to her, but she'll allow him to hold onto least until they figure out how to remove it from Jaime's spine. She also seems to hold a bit of grudge against Ted Kord for taking it when Dan died...AND for not calling her?!

All the while, Bottom Feeder has been torturing a priest...well, roughing him up while asking forgiveness in the hopes God will grant him his reward if he slays the blue demon and then snapping his neck. This guy is nuts! Danielle is in the process of offering the team her research on her grandfather in the hopes it helps them find the answers they're looking for...but just as they're about to leave, the scarab alerts Jaime that Bottom Feeder is nearby. In no time they find the villain attacking local law enforcement, and Blue Beetle jumps into action! 

Throughout the fight the monster is ranting about Beetle being a harbinger of something, and that the Reach are coming...which, having watched "Young Justice" I know isn't a good thing! Beetle quickly realizes that Bottom Feeder has a healing factor, he regenerates and won't be taken down that easily. So Peacemaker improvises and creates a nerve gas out of some common household items, much to everyone's surprise. 

That's just the edge they needed, and Bottom Feeder is out like a light. Peacemaker then calls in a favor to clean up the collateral damage, before the trio head out. Danielle reminds them again that the scarab is HERS, before they take off. As crazy as she is though Jaime and Brenda remark that what they really need to hear is Peacemaker's story!

So I loved this issue! We got to see some of the Blue Beetle legacy acknowledged, explained and explored. We met Dan Garrett's granddaughter (already wondering how soon before she reappears), and we got the return of what I think qualifies as Jaime's first recurring villain, Bottom Feeder. And all of it done with witty writing and beautiful art...this was a really fun read! 

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