Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mego-style Golden Age Blue Beetle v.1.0

Ok, after looking back at some of the Charlton Action Hero ads, I decided there really should have been some Mego-style Blue Beetle figures. There weren't though, so what could I do? Well, how about try my hand at my first ever custom Mego?

First, I reached out to Anthony Durso of the awesome Toyroom! Anthony makes custom and repro packaging for Mego figures. I told him what I needed and within a few days he sent the pic below, and within the week I had the boxes themselves!

Since it's usually best to start at the beginning, I picked Golden Age Dan Garret as my first attempt. I figured for the first go round he'd be fairly simple...I mean it would really just come down to assembling parts, right? Dan #1 basically wears a blue hooded tunic, over blue tights, yellow gloves and belt with a domino mask. 

I started by collecting some parts from

Now, based on the pics on the website, I thought the body suit and the hoodie would have been a closer color match, but I still think it may work. I started by attaching the head (chosen because it looked enough like the 1930s illustrations of rookie patrolman Dan...until I remembered he was a redhead!) to the torso. Next, I pulled on the body suit and slipped on the domino mask. When it came time to pull on the hoodie though I realized the mask needed to come off, at least briefly.

Originally I'd planned to hide the straps of the mask UNDER the hood, but it kept slipping when I pulled the hood over the head or tried adjusting it as I put it in place. So I went OVER the hood instead.

Once that was done all I had to do was slip on the belt and gloves...and ladies and gentlemen...a Beetle!

Ok, I admit, it's a little rough around the edges. His hair is peeking out from under his "mask", the hoodie/tunic isn't long enough to really nail the look, and the blues definitely don't match. 
That said, there's a reason I labeled the post v 1.0. I plan to learn from this and try again. I still like the hoodie/tunic idea, but I think maybe a bald head would work better under there. I think without hair the hood will sit better on the head, and might even give me a little extra length on the tunic. I want to match the blues of the two pieces a little better too, and I need to add a scarab to his belt. So...what's next? Well, maybe a "rookie patrolman Dan Garret" or "archaeologist Dan Garrett"? Maybe I use the blue body suit to make a Silver Age Dan Garret/Blue Beetle? Hopefully I learn a few things along the way. I mean I think I'm going to need all the help I can get to make a Bronze Age Ted Kord, or Modern Age Jaime Reyes...won't that be cool? A whole set of Mego-style Blue Beetles!

Anyone have any experience with these types of custom figures? Tips? Suggestions? Feedback on this is definitely appreciated!


  1. not bad given that I assume you are an amateur not going to be sculpting and sewing things! I tried to make some custom figures and it is hard as heck. I gave up after numerous botched jobs. hats off to those guys who do it well.

  2. Thanks Matt! Yeah, at this scale I'm definitely an amateur. I've done some customs before, but always smaller scale. I am thinking of trying some sculpting and sewing though, so keep your eyes out for future posts!