Saturday, March 22, 2014

MegaCon 2014 Day 2

Wow! Today was busy! Crazy busy! Heard a few other dealers refer to it as "San Diego busy"

Good for business, but kept me from seeing as much of the show as I would have liked, and catching up with friends...though I did manage to get some pics...and then had dinner with friends including artist Thom Zahler, columnist Bob Ingersol and the man behind my favorite show, the Baltimore ComicCon, Marc Nathan...sadly though after a great meal, and dessert at Ghirardelli's, there was no time for our annual mini-golf game.

There's always next year I suppose...

On to the pics!

(TV's Arrow and Black Canary)

(my friends Laura as Alice, and Lauren as the White Rabbit)

(Me, as the Mad Hatter, Alice and White'd think we planned this or something, lol)

(Dueling Freezes!)

(Monty Python and the Holy Grail...another first for me!)

(Anna and Elsa from "Frozen", I only got this one duo, but this was a very popular cosplay this year!)

(Loves me some Hunter S. Thompson...too bad the poor bastard was stuck in bat country!)

(Paul McGann 8th Doctor cosplay, yet another first)

(Yours truly with the always cool Rusty Winns!)

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