Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Fan Casting #1

Inspired by the fan casting done by Ryan Daly at Flowers & Fishnets and Count Drunkula's Thought Place and Diabolu Frank at Idol Head of Diabolu, I decided to go ahead and give it a try's what I came up with...

I figure we need an origin story of sorts, but I hate superhero origin movies (Batman Begins...I'm looking at you!) where the costumes and heroics don't appear until 3/4 of the way through the film! My solution? Use a slightly modified version of Ted Kord's origin from DC's "Secret Origins #2". The elevator pitch? It's "Indiana Jones" meets "Terminator", with a little bit of "Batman" in the mix. 

Ted Kord, heir to Kord Industries/Technologies/Omnicorp, and his old archaeology professor, Dan Garrett, track down his crazy uncle Jarvis Kord. Jarvis, bent on world domination, has built a base on the remote Pago Island where he's using Kord technology to create an army of robots. Once they arrive on Pago island, BOOM! Things take a bad turn for our heroes, and the rest of the film is a rollercoaster of action! We get the reveal that Dan is also the Blue Beetle, battling robots, mad scientists, Dan's sacrifice and Ted's ultimate acceptance of the mantle/legacy of the Blue Beetle! In act 1 you get adventure, in act 2 robots and a hero, then act 3 closes with the birth of a new hero! Cinema gold, I tell you! 

Ted Kord/Blue Beetle – James Roday

You probably know James Roday best from the TV series "Psych" (2006-2014), though he's had other guest spots in TV and movies. I like the idea of casting him as Ted, because on "Psych" he has a likable charm, and a great delivery for the humor. It's not too over the top, like...Jim Carrey...but just the right blend of sincerity and absurd that I think would work well for Blue Beetle, and more importantly Ted Kord...a likable, every-man, trying to live up to a legend and having a little fun doing the right thing.

Dan Garrett/Blue Beetle – Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell known for his roles in "Evil Dead", "Army of Darkness" and more recently as "Sam Axe" on the TV series "Burn Notice" I think Bruce has what it takes to deliver a great performance as a teacher/mentor/hero. Plus, did you ever see him in the Jim Carrey film "The Majestic"? Bruce played "Roland" in the movie within the movie "Sand Pirates of the Sahara"...a swashbuckling explorer...just what I need for archaeologist Dan Garrett, and look at that jaw! He looks like a Silver Age superhero! 

Jarvis Kord – Sam Rockwell

Sam Rockwell is a great actor but it's his role as game show host Chuck Barris in "Confessions of Dangerous Mind" that makes me think he'd be a great mad scientist/crazy uncle...a perfect blend of intensity, paranoia and ego

Melody Case - Emmy Rossum

Melody, Ted's girlfriend and one of Kord Inc.'s top scientists. It's not a huge role, but the right actress could make it shine! That actress? Emmy Rossum! I love her on Showtime's "Shameless" and I think she'd bring the right blend of girl next door looks and smarts to pull it off.

Well? What do you think Beetlemaniacs?


  1. Nice cast! I like James Roday and the comedic element he would bring to Ted.

    1. Thanks! I'm already working on a follow up!

  2. If we're using the DC incarnation: Roday and Campbell yes, Rockwell and Rossum no. I'll try to think of some alternatives.

    I'd much prefer the Ditko Charlton BB myself.

  3. I was going with a loose version of the DC Secret Origins story, but with the Uncle Jarvis portrayed in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold cartoon.

    I am curious who you'd cast as the Ditko/Charlton version though! Please share! I like that we all love the character but see him different ways...and the dialogue about it is fun!

    1. Hmm...maybe Van Johnson in an alternate universe could play BB instead of Green Hornet. And Suzanne Pleshette as his girl friend.

  4. Yes. Very much yes.

    I'm mostly familiar with Ted, but these are all actors I like. I definitely like the casting of Roday and Campbell

    1. Thanks Justin! I'm planning some follow ups including JLI and Charlton Action Heroes, so check back, I'm always glad to get feedback!

  5. I'm a bad commentator because I don't have strong feelings about any incarnation of Blue Beetle. I also don't have a passion for the USA Network, so if you say James Roday = Ted Kord, my exposure to both would favor my agreeing. I want to say I've read some Charlton Blue Beetle, but I'm not certain of that, and my much firmer opinions on Ditko's Captain Atom & The Question make me really wonder about that. I've read some of the Wein/Cullins series, but like most modern era fans, I mostly know Ted through JLI and his appearances thereafter.

    Can't argue with finding a super-hero role for the aging Bruce Campbell, either. Garrett could be a nice last hurrah for his days in action fare. I have greater reservations about Sam Rockwell, since I frown upon recycling guys who've been in super-hero movies, and he owned Justin Hammer. That was a very distinctive role though, so if he could do a 180 like Chris Evans, maybe.