Sunday, December 29, 2013

Super-Team Family Sunday #6

Welcome to another Super-Team Family Sunday! If you've been enjoying these make sure to head over to Ross Pearsall's blog Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues for more of the "greatest team-ups that never happened...but should have!"
On this Blue Beetle/Beast mash-up, Ross said..."A lot of team ups I present here will be with characters that seem to have a natural connection... but a lot will also feature teams that I just think would be cool to see. This is one of those. It isn't too far out of left field though, I can see Hank McCoy and Ted Kord commiserating on some scientific breakthrough together, when a villain attacks and action ensues. This cover also features these characters in my favorite incarnations. The new Blue Beetle is an entertaining character in his own right, I just wish we didn't have to get rid of his predecessor in order to make room. The Beast is back on an Avengers team, which I like - but he still has that weird Beauty and the Beast/Kittycat look that he developed during the Grant Morrison era ox the X-men titles. I really wish he would go back to his cooler Bronze Age look."

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  1. I'd read that even though I've never been much of a Beast fan. As long as it's not that weird lion-Beast they changed him into.