Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"A Christmas Carol"

Welcome to the final entry in Kord Industries 2013 Holiday comic review! I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have!

I've chosen to end the month with a look at 1948's "Classics Illustrated #53: A Christmas Carol"! Adapted from the Charles Dickens story by George D. Lipscomb and illustrated by Henry Kiefer, this is truly one of my holiday favorites! The story itself has always been special to me. I think a Golden Books version of "Mickey's Christmas Carol" was my first introduction to the story. Something my mom picked me up for me one Christmas years ago...a trend she continued for many, many Christmases that followed. I have quite a collection now of various editions, different illustrators, pop-up books, annotations, DVDs...even ornaments for the tree...and 99% were gifts from my mom! She passed away January of this year, after we got to spend one last Christmas together. So since she's not here to give this to me, I'd like to give it to each and every one of you Beetlemaniacs! Mom would have liked that...

(click the pages to make 'em bigger)



And so, as Tiny Tim said...Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays! Whatever you celebrate this season, may your day be filled with joy!

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