Saturday, November 23, 2013

Where is Multiveristy?

Way back in 2010 DC Comics announced Grant Morrison was working on something called "Multiversity". The basic idea was that Morrison would take us, the reader, on a tour of DC's multiverse by telling stories about heroes from each of the different worlds. There'd be a Shazam story, an Earth X story, one involving the super sons...but most importantly to this blog, one centering on the Charlton heroes...Blue Beetle, The Question, Captain Atom, Nightshade...but 3yrs later, and the comic is nowhere to be seen.

Well...almost nowhere...going back to this past May some images have popped up online, and Morrison has said things are still moving along. We may still see the Charlton heroes swinging back into action again! In the meantime, here's a couple pics I tracked down of Frank Quitely's art...BB and the Question, and the Question and Nightshade!


  1. I would definitely read this. I do *vaguely* remember hearing about this project.

    I've also been waiting for JMS's The Brave and the Bold featuring the original Adam Strange since 2010. But I don't think that is going to ever happen. :(

  2. My only question is what's the point? DC has shown they're only interested in rehashing the same handful of characters over and over again, and treats those with contempt: one can only imagine the treatment they'd give their lesser-known properties.

  3. Liss, JMS's Brave and Bold run was great...and definitely cut short too soon! The Aquaman/Etrigan issue is one of my favorites!

    Matt, I hear you, but I'm torn...its either no Ted at all, or Ted in a possibly bad story (Morrison has written some great stuff, like "All Star Superman" and some not so great stuff..."Final Crisis" its 50/50)