Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sufferin' Scribblenauts!

I enjoy the occasional video game, but I'm not what you would call a serious gamer. I play what I like, then get distracted or bored and sometimes go months without playing again. I own a Playstation, and love Resident Evil. I've enjoyed the Batman: Arkham games, and Injustice has been a lot of fun too. Recently though I've been hearing quite a bit about this new game, Scribblenauts Unmasked, which features DC comics heroes and villains.

Now, I don't have a Nintendo 3DS, the handheld platform this game is for...but I've been giving some thought to buying one. Why? Where else am I gonna see Ted Kord in a video game? 

According to the folks that make the game, 5th Cell, it features almost every character in the DC Universe! Nearly 2000 characters in all, total, including some fairly obscure characters like Ted's Justice League teammate Bloodwynd (Death of Superman era JLA) and variations and alternates of guys like Batman, Superman, Green really does sound like fun!

Has anyone played it already? Thoughts? Opinions? Reviews?


  1. Bloodwynd? is a hero? really? my goodness, the '90s have so much to answer for...

    I'm guessing Bloodwynd had lots of pouches, a bomber jacket, and a really big gun or sword....

  2. Haha! You might think that, considering the 90's "hero" trends...but he was actually a magical character (not sure if that makes him any better or not, lol)