Saturday, November 30, 2013

Vintage Blue Beetle Advertising #3

Extra!! The Blue Beetle Returns!!! Oh I how I wish that headline would appear again! This is an ad for Charlton's "Space Adventures" which ran from 1952-1979, specifically issues 13 & 14 that were retitled "Space Adventures Presents The Blue Beetle", and featured reprints of the Fox Comics adventures from 1939. I'm not entirely sure how rookie patrolman Dan Garret with his vitamin 2-X and chain mail suit qualifies as a "space adventure"...but it's still a great looking ad!


  1. So I'm looking for the issue which contains the story of Dan Garrett's father being killed, which leads him to decide to fight crime ultimately as the Blue Beetle. Do you know which issue this is, or at least the earliest one, if there are multiple origins?


  2. Absolutely! That's in Fox's "Blue Beetle" #1. I just got my hands on some more scans of those golden age books, so I'll post that in January!

    As far as the origin, when Fox started Blue Beetle in "Mystery Men" the origin was a little vague, just the rookie patrolman Dan Garret donned the blue chain mail and took the vitamin 2X to enhance his strength. Based on the books I've tracked down and read so far, that's all we got until "Blue Beetle" #1 fleshed it out