Sunday, May 12, 2013

Who's Who?

These guys have mentioned Kord Industies a few times already (thanks guys!), so I'm probably over due in returning the favor! Rob at and Shag at produce a great podcast as well as great hero blogs...and when they do these Who's Who episodes you can get your fix for some classic DC Comics goodness! Check it out!


  1. Speaking of Kord Industries, have you seen the Green Arrow television show? They have mentioned Ted Kord and his "charity" activities. Haven't shown him and who knows if they ever will, but apparently Kord Industries exists in the show's universe, so that's pretty neat.

  2. I watch Arrow regularly, really good show! And yes, I heard them mention Ted, and back in April I shared a link to a story that teased Kord Industries being featured somehow...guess it will be in season 2?

  3. If they do it, how cool would it be if the Blue Beetle showed up in some capacity? Likely they'd not use the name or the Bug since the show is "realistic," but maybe he could be used in a fashion similar to their use of the Huntress in a couple of episodes this first season. Personally I'd prefer a show all his own where Blue Beetle can be Blue Beetle and have action-adventure stories and the Bug and BB gun...!