Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What the Kaji Dha? Ch-Ch-Changes

Hey there Beetlemaniacs! You may have noticed some slight tweaks to the way posts were displayed this month. I've just recently started to take advantage of Bloggers "page break" option after seeing it in use on another page I contribute to...the Legion of Super-Bloggers. You'll now see the beginning of an article, a picture and then a "read more" link to the rest of the story. This way I can get more posts visible on the main page! I hope it's as helpful for you the reader as it is for me.

I also want to give you a heads up on something I'm planning. When I started this blog I chose Blue Beetle because he is one of my favorite characters...and truth be told Aquaman already had a great home with Rob Kelly at the Aquaman Shrine. Well over the last year I've had a chance to contribute to a few other pages, take part in a podcast or two, and I've always indulged myself here by doing the occasional theme month (mostly Halloween and Christmas, but also my April Fools Scarab adventure!) and each of those opportunities has given me a chance to explore my love of comics and pop culture. I'm planning something now...something that was very nearly the theme of this blog. In fact it was in the top 3 choices I had narrowed down.

This October, in keeping with the season, I plan to bring you ghosts, devils, skulls...and much more! I hope you'll enjoy it, as much as you enjoy Blue Beetle...and depending on the feedback I get, I may even bring it back again later or start another blog to cover it. Keep your eyes open for more info soon!

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