Monday, June 8, 2015

Secret Origins: Blue Beetle...the podcast!

Hey Beetlemaniacs, you should definitely check this out! Ryan Daly aka Count Drunkula of the Black Canary blog, Flowers and Fishnets, has started a new podcast covering DC Comics "Secret Origins". 

His latest episode features Blue Beetle and ME! So head over to the Secret Origins Podcast and give it a listen! 

Podcasts...maybe I should do this more often?

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  1. I just caught this episode this week and loved it. I have always loved the character of the Blue Beetle since I first came across him in the Legends series. I was always a big fan of Ted Kord. He was a way less angsty Spider-Man with smarts and grit instead of superpowers. Visually I find him the most original visually of the incarnations. Though I do like the simplicity of the Dan Garrett style of costume.

    Anyway, love the blog and loved the podcast episode. You should do it more often. As long as you discuss the Blue Beetle of the radio plays as well. There is something about a rogue cop wearing a special cellulose armor suit and beating up crooks hopped up on what is in essence Miraclo that is an interesting addition to the character lore. And also entertaining. :)

    Actually, now that I think about it, Alan Moore's Hollis Manson is very much the radio version of Blue Beetle sans the super drug. More so than the magic/alien Scarab Dan Garrett archeologist.