Saturday, November 8, 2014

"Time On His Hands!"

When last we left our hero (issue #9) the President had banned superheroes (a result of DC's mini-series "Legends") and Ted's receptionist Angela's uncle had been revealed as the villain Chronos, the Time Thief! So, let's not waste another second (get it? Chronos...time pun...) Blue Beetle #10 is brought to us by Len Wein, with guest artist Chuck Patton, and inker Dell Barras!

After finding Angela frozen by her uncle, Chronos, last issue Ted has her taken from her home to the company infirmary where he tells everyone she had an epileptic seizure. Jeremiah and Melody show up to express their concern, not just for Angela but for Ted too. He's been acting oddly lately, they say. 

Ted explains he knew what Angela was up to all along, he just didn't know why. Now that he does he intends to do something about Blue Beetle! He's already tangled with Chronos once since last issue, in "Legends" #4, but the villain got away. And he's already defied the presidential ban on superheroes, so figuring he's got nothing else to lose Ted hops in the BUG and heads out looking for Chronos. 

Walking down the street, Melody gets robbed by a purse snatcher. She manages to chase the kid into an alley, only to discover its a young girl. The girl slips away, and running into the street is promptly hit by a truck! Ted heads to Angela's house to look for clues, and after being reported by a nosy neighbor finds himself face to face with a couple police officers, but manages to give them the slip using a remote controlled smoke screen via the BUG.

He makes his escape with one clue, a receipt for the rental of a warehouse, a solid lead on the location of the Time Thief! Melody, feeling some sort of responsibility, followed the young thief to the hospital. 

Once there though she gets taken out by two thugs with tasers who have slipped the girl into some kind of tube in preparation to transport her to their boss. While at the warehouse Ted discovers Chronos' massive clock collection! up, this must be the right place! Smashing an hourglass, Chronos creates a mini sandstorm that engulfs the Blue Beetle.

 Ted has some tricks of his own and uses the BB gun's air blast to disperse it. Too little, too late though as Chronos has already slipped away on his "Sundial" hover platform. Pursuing in the BUG, Ted tracks the villain down in no time, leading to a short aerial battle.

The sky fight is followed by a little hand to hand combat on a bridge, before the duo tumble into a fountain, still grappling, as a crowd of onlookers gather. Then, the crowd turns. "Godfrey is costumes are crazy!" they shout, pelting our hero with a soda can. 

Chronos use the distraction to make a run for it, as Ted calls to the crowd, "Don't let him escape!" But under Godfrey's manipulating influence they refuse to assist, "That's your job, not ours!" Luckily Ted grabs Chronos' stopwatch, and freezes the villain in his tracks leaving him for the police.

Wow...that was a pretty fun, fast paced issue! And while I love Paris Cullins, the art by Chuck Patton was a very cool change of pace. Hard to believe we're almost half way through this series! Check back next week when we take a look at the adventures of Jaime Reyes!

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