Saturday, November 29, 2014

Blue Beetle #3 (Fox) Part 1

Travel with me to 1940, when "rookie patrolman" Dan Garret walked the beat by day and fought crime by night as...The Blue Beetle!  Issue #2 had a whopping 8 stories, which I spread out over a few months. Issue 3 though, has two 30 page adventures, so I've decided to break it into a two posts over the next couple months. 

By the way, that cover is credited to Joe Simon! Remember back in the 40's "Charles Nicholas" was a house name used by several artists at Fox Features Syndicate including Jack Kirby. Simon had said he met Kirby while Jack was working for Fox...makes me wonder if this cover played any role in that meeting? Something to think about, huh? 

Now, enjoy the first story from 1940's "Blue Beetle" #3!

(click the pages to enlarge)

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