Thursday, May 29, 2014

Futures End #0

Rewind to about a month ago, Free Comic Book Day weekend. I had a few family events/obligations to attend, plus my own birthday celebration, but I still made it to my local comic shop to pick up my books and check out the FCBD offerings. Of course, by the time I got there they were out of the book I really wanted..."Futures End" #0. For those unfamiliar, this is DC's new weekly book, written by Brian Azzarello, Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens and Jeff Lemire, and with art by Dan Jurgens & Mark Irwin, Aaron Lopresti & Art Thibert, Jesus Merino & Dan Green, Ethan Van Sciver, and Patrick Zircher.

I overheard some guys in the store talking about, and it sounded like Jaime Reyes, the New 52's Blue Beetle played some part...but without seeing it for myself I didn't know for sure. What was I to do? Check another nearby store. Also out. eBay? Well, yes...but I struggled with the idea of paying $5.00 for a free comic. Eventually I managed to get my hands on a copy for less, and now... I can tell you (if you didn't know already)...Jaime Reyes, was ugraded by the Cybermen! I mean, assimilated by the Borg...I mean, Brother Eye! Not only that...he was done in by what appeared to be an already infected Booster Gold! 

The rest of the story? 35 years into the future Brother Eye, a sentient computer built by Batman and Mr. Terrific, has taken over the Earth and assimilated most of the world's heroes, turning them into cybernetic monsters. Some heroes still live, and fight with an underground resistance. Batman, sends Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond) back in time to try and stop this from happening, but misses the mark leaving Terry 5 years into our future...and what he's come to stop is already in play! Kinda like "Terminator" with superheroes!

Now that I finally got my hands on #0, I can read 1-4...and if there's anymore Blue Beetle action, you can bet you'll see it here at Kord Industries!


  1. Thanks to Shag - aka Firestorm Fan - I have finally discovered a Blue Beetle blog! Here's hoping for more Blue Beetle action in DC Comics.

    Good on you, sir! Looking forward to perusing your musings...

  2. Thanks Zach! Glad you found the blog and hope you enjoy it enough to keep coming back!