Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hero Heritage #3

Here's the last Blue Beetle profile card from the1991 DC Comics Cosmic Cards set.

Good ol' Ted Kord the "Modern Age" card from the Blue Beetle "Hero Heritage" subset. I guess if this set was put out now he'd be "Bronze Age"? I mean the Charlton stuff definitely falls in the standard  Bronze range (1970-1985), though DC's use of the Ted BB extends beyond that..all the way to 2005 (with some appearance after thanks to time travel in the Booster Gold series. Heck...there have been 2 versions of Jaime Reyes. since then..the post Infinite Crisis legacy version, and the New 52 version with no ties to Garret, Garrett or Kord...

Sorry, back to the card...enjoy some art by the great Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding (not sure why Paris didnt supply the art for all 3, but yo ucan't go wrong with Jurgens!)


  1. I was sooooo excited by this card series!! Loved the Blue Beetle cards!! Ted definitely had one of the coolest costumes around!


  2. Oh yeah, should have mentioned that the Golden/Silver/Modern age cards were such a cool idea. I ate that up!!!

  3. Did you chase the foil/hologram cards in this set too? I sure did! I even remember the comic store I bought them from encouraging me to open my packs before I left the store, and offering to buy my duplicate holograms on the spot...which of course gave me more cash for comics...they knew what they were doing, lol

  4. I sure chased the holograms! And I was working in a comic shop at the time. Almost sounds like you were shopping at the store I worked at!!

  5. Ted Kord is Silver Age and Bronze Age at least...last BB story I read was in the '80s so I can't speak for the Modern Age, whatever that may be.