Saturday, January 18, 2014

Blue Beetle #1 (Fox)

Back in November I posted a bit of vintage Blue Beetle advertising. One visitor to the page inquired about the origin of the Golden Age Blue Beetle, Dan Garret. Well, here's the origin that we got from 1939's "Blue Beetle" #1.

You may notice the cover announcing "64 Pages In Full Color", but wonder why I only have 13 pages below. Well, the other pages were filled with Blue Beetle reprints from "Mystery Men" and the adventures of Yarko the Great, a magician character that appeared in several Fox titles.

Enjoy! (click the pages to enlarge)


  1. Too awesome. Back when comics were unself-conscious and straining for "seriousness."

  2. Yup, four color wonders! I've tracked down a few more issues, so expect to see them in the months ahead!