Saturday, July 13, 2013

Blue Beetle #15 (vol 1)

So after Wednesday's WWII/monster themed post I felt like it was time for another classic Dan Garret adventure! Here's the story "The Bloodless Bodies" from 1942's Blue Beetle #15...and as a special bonus, it has BB's kid sidekick, Sparky!


  1. Back when comics were new and exciting! I think I have this on a CD of old Fox comics.

  2. Where'd you get that Matt? I've been searching the web for these old scans, finding some here and there...if I could find a collection like that somewhere it would be great!

    1. If I remember right, someone was selling discs of public domain comics from
      the '30s-'40s on Amazon. I got near-complete runs of Fawcett's Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, etc., a bunch of Fox comics like near-complete Blue Beetle and Phantom Lady, Holyoke's Cat-Man, and various other comics that have never been reprinted and have fallen into public domain.