Monday, April 22, 2013

This is why we cant have nice things

So, after going away for a wedding this weekend, i came home to a flooded apartment! While most of my Aquaman collection survived, sadly Blue Beetle was not as lucky (the collections were in seperate rooms). The BB action figures heroically pulled through and swam (or floated) to safety...but the books and comics are nothing more than 4 color sponges now. Which REALLY sucks!

As near as i can tell, the water pump in the toilet burst free, cracking the tank and the pipe (minus the pump to keep it in check) flowed freely for somewhere around 36hrs. That sort of explains Aquaman's survival, though i need to point out the irony that a collection dedicated to a water based hero was actually in one of the few remaining dry spots...

Anyway...although i swore i wouldnt do it...i think i need to take a week off to regroup, save what i can, and get home back in some kind of order. I hope you understand...

On a more positive note, thank you Beetlemaniacs, for getting the page over a 1000 views! That means a lot to me, and is a big reason i'll be back next week with new posts! Until then, Kaji Dha!


  1. Geez that is terrible...maybe even worse than when 1/2 my comics collection (and electronics, etc.) was burgled. Lost stuff I still haven't been able to replace almost 7 years later.

  2. Yeah, in either scenario the loss sucks! I know I'm gonna have trouble replacing quite a few things...but I'm trying to look on the bright side, at least I get to experience the "thrill of the hunt"