Saturday, July 8, 2017

A Golden Age Mego-Style Update!

Hey Beetlemaniacs! First, I apologize for the intermittent nature of the posts recently. Between adjusting to married life, and a change of shift at work I haven't had as much time as I did in the past. Fear not though, I haven't given up, haven't abandoned you, the blog, or Blue Beetle! On the contrary, one of the other things that has taken up some of my free time is working on the Beetlemania Podcast over at SNGPoductions! 

But this post is something different...its a follow-up to this one from 2014! I've been honing my skills at making custom figures again. I'm no expert...but this time was MUCH better than the first in my opinion!

Remember this?

Read on to see the new and improved, Mego-style Golden Age Blue Beetle!

So, the first time I tried making a custom Blue Beetle, I picked up parts and clothes from several online stores specializing in reproduction Mego, and Mego-style, parts. This time I went back to those vendors, but I also picked up a custom head from eBay! Then I put my painting skills to work and...well...what to do you think?

Rookie Patrolman Dan Garret did a quick investigation...and he approved!

I even picked up a custom head so I can do a Ted Kord next! Stay tuned!


  1. This looks pretty fantastic! really good remodelling! Love the blues in the new one! Did you make that from scratch? If yes, then wow! awesome!

  2. Love it! Hoorah for the public Domain! Love seeing these Mego customs

    Can't wait for your Jaime Beetle one. Will his head be mouthless or with mouth? I'm not a huge fan of the visible mouth myself but eh