Wednesday, May 25, 2016

DC Universe: Rebirth...and the return of Blue Beetles!

Well Beetlemaniacs, today DC Comics released "DC Universe: Rebirth" #1, and without spoiling too much off the bat...Blue Beetles are back!

You read that right...Beetles, plural...sort of.

From here on there will be some spoilers...proceed at your own risk!

I read the whole issue, and enjoyed it, but for the sake of a quick's whats important to us Blue Beetle fans!

The story is told by Wally West. This is classic Wally, not New52 Wally. Wally is sort of bouncing through the DCU trying to anchor himself, find someone who remembers him...and failing. Along the way though he sees characters, some we know, some we knew but had forgotten...and then we get two pages of Blue Beetle! 

Jaime is in a hanger(?) with Ted Kord, who's just unveiled the BUG, which he explains will be their "mobile headquarters. Like a flying Batcave!" We learn that Jaime came to Ted looking for help. Ted sees their meeting as destiny and figures the two of them working together can do a lot of good! 

Jaime's uncertain, more interested in removing the scarab that becoming a dynamic duo with Kord. 

When Jaime leaves, Doctor Fate emerges and tells Ted that both he and Jaime misunderstand something...the scarab isn't alien's magic!

Two pages! That's it. Two, beautiful pages filled with more questions than answers. Ted is shown wearing yellow glasses and a blue t-shirt with a beetle logo, and he built the BUG. He also thinks the two of them meeting is destiny. Is this the Ted Kord from pre-"Infinite Crisis", or the one who had a brief appearance in "Forever Evil"? And what about Jaime? The scarab is attached to him, and when he leaves for school he transforms into the familiar Blue Beetle costume we've seen since "Infinite Crisis"...but he doesn't seem to have any interest in being a hero. In the New52 Jaime was last seen running off into space in "Threshold" but when that series ended he disappeared. There's a thread running throughout the whole issue involving people forgetting things...history, identities, friends, etc. Was Ted ever Blue Beetle? Was Jaime? What drew them together? And the scarab returning to its magical origins vs being a piece of Reach Dan Garrett due for a return as well?  I guess we'll have to wait and see...

(Look! Up in the sky...well the upper right corner of that splash page...Blue Beetle and the BUG!)


  1. The most important news in mankind since Adam had relations with Eve. Seriously!

  2. Haven't picked it up yet...this gives me a lot of hope!

  3. Sure would be neat if DC hired some writers to tell new stories and create new characters and concepts instead of rehashing the same junk since the 80s, making a mess of it, then starting over with the same mistakes repeated over and over and over and over. Let me know when that happens.