Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy "Blue" Year!

Well Beetlemaniacs, another year has come and gone. Yes, 2014 is over...was it everything we'd hoped for? Maybe not, but it did bring us these memories...

We saw Ted Kord "return" at the end of "Forever Evil"...then disappear again. At least he did return to action in "Multiversity: Pax Americana" and "Justice League 3000"

Jaime Reyes popped up briefly in "Futures End #0", and got his video game on in DC's Infinite Crisis and Lego Batman 3.

Heck...both of our boys in blue were teased in the "Futures End: Booster Gold", and we found out that Tony Isabella and George R. R. Martin were both fans of Blue Beetle! Not to mention the sweet sketches we picked up from Fred Hembeck, "the Hero Business'" Bill Walko and "JL8's" Yale Stewart

Maybe not a huge year for Blue Beetle...but it definitely had it's moments! On a personal note I even managed to squeeze in some side work at The Legion of Super-Bloggers, and covering "Futures End" over at Firestorm Fan!

So now it's 2015...and Ted is already showing up in several solicitations for DC's upcoming "Convergence" event, and both Ted and Jaime have been rumored for appearances in live action, from TV to film! As far as the blog goes, I've been putting out feelers for some more interviews, lining up some commissions and keeping my eyes on the web for any and all news I can bring you. 

Is there anything you want see me cover? A particular story or artist? More Ted? More Jaime? More Dan? Take the survey, or leave a comment below!

Here's hoping the New Year brings some great moments for Blue Beetle!

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