Friday, October 31, 2014

"Medusa Non Grata"

From the "DCU Halloween Special 2010" here's a holiday treat..."Medusa Non Grata", written by Bryan Q. Miller, with art by Trevor McCarthy and featuring Miss Martian, Klarion the Witchboy and Jaime Reyes, the Blue Beetle! See? I told you if you stuck with me I'd find a way to include him!

October 31st, Halloween night, El Paso, Texas.  Kids are going door to door, trick or treating, as one does on this particular night. However when one hipster couple laughs at the wrong boy, Klarion the Witchboy, they find themselves turned to stone!

Nearby Jaime "Blue Beetle" Reyes, dressed in a sheet as a ghost, is trying to show M'Gann "Miss Martian" M'Orzz* what this night is about. "Halloween is a time to dress up as something you normally wouldn't." he tries to explain when she suggests he could just wear the scarab armor, and buy their own candy. As they approach the next door though they find the aforementioned hipster couple, and soon notice...the whole neighborhood has been petrified!

Quicker than you can say "Teen Titans, go!" a scream rings out and Jaime asks the scarab to locate it. In no time Blue Beetle and Miss Martian find Klarion, and his familiar Teekl the cat, enjoying some stolen Halloween candy. Miss Martian faces down a meme inspired Teekl, "I can haz ur soul?", while Blue Beetle stuns Klarion with a blast from his arm cannon. 

Then as the dust settles another group of trick or treaters approach. "What are you supposed to be?" they ask  Klarion, who rises angrily until he sees them. One of them straight out of "A Clockwork Orange", the other two in full goth get-ups. They like his outfit, they like him! 

Klarion removes the spell he'd cast, releasing everyone from their stone forms (apparently unaware it had ever even happened), and goes on his way. M'Gann, removing the Clockwork Orange outfit, suggests that maybe Halloween isn't just about dressing up as something you normally wouldn't, but maybe it also lets you express who you really are. A nice lesson!

Well, that brings an end to my own October tricks and treats. Hope you enjoyed, and until next time, Happy Halloween Beetlemaniacs!

*Fun Fact - Miss Martian appears in 6 different costumes! The 1st looks like something from he movie "Sucker Punch" , the 2nd as a Native American, the 3rd looks like Lex Luthor's armor, 4th is an old time diving suit, 5th is a space suit, and 6th is the Clockwork Orange outfit!

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