Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mego-Style Golden Age Blue Beetle v1.5

Ok, my first attempt at custom Mego Blue Beetle figures didn't work out quite the way I'd hoped. Instead of being discouraged, I'm more determined. I'm even considering tackling the challenge of making Ted and Jaime's costumes on my own.

In the meantime I went ahead and did a couple quick side projects...secret identities! After going back through some of Dan Garret's Golden Age adventures I realized that our police officer is a redhead, not brown hair like the first head I purchased. So I hopped online* and ordered a new head...and some clothes...and another body...accessories...and came up with these...

Rookie patrolman Dan Garret (investigating a suspicious box)

and that brown haired head? Archaeologist Dan Garrett (investigating a mysterious box, lol)

Until I finish my work on the Beetles, their alter egos are being housed in their respective boxes

*I've found and are great for finding the parts I need! But if anyone has suggestions or tips, I'm all ears!

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