Sunday, September 8, 2013

Baltimore Comic-Con Day 2

So, day 1 of the con actually ended with dinner and the Harvey Awards. It was a great evening, and I even got to share a table with Paul Kupperberg and Joe Rubinstein. Let me tell you, the jokes and stories the two of them told made the evening! Hilarious!

Day 2 was another busy one, being on staff comes with perks, but also an ever changing list of duties. As such I completely missed the costume contest, and the bulk of the cosplay (sadly didn't see a single Blue Beetle)...but I did get some time to walk and talk to the legendary Ramona Fradon while escorting her to a panel room, and picked up some nice additions to my collection...check it out...

A great Jaime/BB by Cully Hamner

Gorgeous Ted/BB by Kevin Maguire

Some Aquaman swag including Ramona Fradon and Franco sketches, and my official FOAM pin (thanks Rob!) 

I love Kickstarter, Bloop is a great comic and Steve Conley is a great friend! 

Tinkerbell! I love seeing Disney cosplay!

Jem is truly outrageous!


The cutest little Aquagirl I've ever seen! 

Zombie Doctor Who?!

Yours truly and Walt Flanagan of AMC's Comic Book Men!

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