Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Who...or What the Kaji Dha Wednesday #1

Today I'm going way off the usual topic, but that's part of the fun I have with my "What The Kaji Dha" posts. Today I'd like to talk about, as Craig Ferguson (go on, click it...I'll wait) said, "a man, who's not really a man. He's a doctor, but he's not really a Dr. Phil, but AWESOME!" Today I want to talk about Doctor Who. Why you ask? Well...the show is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, they just made a big deal announcing the latest actor to take on the role! (Peter Capaldi in case you missed the live BBC multi-national simulcast). Not just that though...I'm a legitimate fan! I've been watching Doctor Who about as long as I've been collecting comics...and much like my love of comics, my love of Who began with my family, sort of. My first time watching Doctor Who was at my Gram's house one Sunday afternoon during a PBS pledge drive. They were running 'The Five Doctors", which was the show's 20th anniversary special.

(left to right, Richard Hurndall, Peter Davison, Tom Baker's wax dummy, K-9, Jon Pertwee, Patrick Troughton)

In all honesty though the special could have been called "The Three Doctors, a stand in and some unused footage" as William Hartnell, the First Doctor, had passed and was replaced by Richard Hurndall, and Tom Baker, the Fourth, opted not to participate so unused footage from an incomplete episode (Shada) and some clever writing was used to include his incarnation. It doesn't really matter though, I found myself drawn to Peter Davison's Fifth Doctor! He was younger than the others, charismatic, likable...and blond. See as a kid, a blond haired kid, I always found characters that looked like me more easy to relate to (or pretend to be)...Aquaman, Green Arrow, Bo Duke, and the Fifth Doctor.

(Peter Doctor)

I found that PBS aired episodes every Saturday night (along with the hilarious sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf), and I watched them loyally...for years! I made my way through all of the Fifth Doctor's stories, met his companions (Adric, Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough, and Peri) and his enemies (Anthony Ainley was brilliant as the Master)...and saw him die, sacrificing himself to save Peri.

(Nicola Bryant and Colin Baker)

I saw Colin Baker, with his technicolor dream coat take over as the Sixth Doctor. I was unsure if I'd like the show without Davison though, but Peri (Nicola Bryant) was cute enough to keep my attention...and after a while I liked number Six. Not a fan of Mel, his second companion though...

(Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred)

And then Sylvester McCoy stepped in, with a curious mix of mirth and mystery. He could go from bumbling comedy to dark and creepy at the drop of a hat. The downside? Mel was still with him...though not for too long. She was replaced by Ace, who was a explosive carrying tomboy...and kind of a must be good to be the Doctor, traveling through time and space with attractive young companions, lol

Yes, I quickly declared myself a Whovian and set about to find out as much as I could about this show. My local comic store carried Doctor Who Magazine, as well as comics. I could pick up novelizations at my local bookstore. I didn't know many people that shared my interest at the time, just a couple friends from school and one of my cousins, I did get to attended a Doctor Who convention and see I wasn't alone...and then I was...the show was cancelled...then it was back with a made for TV movie in 1996...but that was just a tease, and it was quickly gone again...or was it?

To be continued...

(Paul McGann from the 1996 TV movie)


  1. Never understood Dr. Who. Tried watching a few times on BBC America but just didn't get what all the hoopla is about. Tried to have it explained to me but either I'm not understanding the concept or it's just not for me.

  2. It's tough Matt...I've found it's really a love it or hate it thing. I love it(more on that in some upcoming What The Kaji Dha posts) but it's not for everyone...I've tried unsuccessfully to get friends interested, but they don't always see the same appeal I do. I've even found a bit of a divide between some fans of the classic, who don't care for the update, or fans of the update who don't care for the classic...I guess in some ways it's like the age old sci-fi dividing line "which is better star wars or star trek?" lol

    I do appreciate though, that even if it's not your cup of tea, you still took the time to read and comment...thank you very much for that!

  3. Strangely I have a favorite DOCTOR WHO: Tom Baker, probably because he's te first one I remember. Plus his look was very disinctive.

  4. Which is better: Star Wars or Star Trek? would be a great topic to generate shouting matches. I like 'em both for different reasons, but only the original versions. Though I am curious about the new Star Wars that will have Han Solo in it again at age 70+!