Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen...the Beetles!

I mentioned before, when I shared a pic and a link to my Aquaman collection, that I had a Blue Beetle collection. While it's not quite as impressive as my Aquaman collection (yet), I'm working on it. Part of that is my fondness for the Ted Kord Beetle and the fact that the majority of the recent merchandising has been centered around Jaime. And it's near impossible to find anything Dan Garret or Garrett! (I know, there's the Shocker Toys figure that was announced in 2010, and is still listed on their website for preorder...3yrs later)

 So...without further Beetles!

Robot roll call...Cambot, though, starting from the left Heroclix 10th Anni.Ted, First Appearance Stealth Jaime, Kingdom Come Ted, Heroclix Ted, Blackest Night Ted, Total Justice/Kenner DC Super Heroes Ted, DC Direct Classic Ted, JLU Ted, DCU Classics Ted, Minimates Ted, JLI Ted, DCU Infinite Heroes Ted

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  1. Some of those on the left I don't recognize at all, but over on the right are a bunch I wish I had! All I have is one of those 4-inch dolls from when they were putting out a bunch...i think it was "DC Universe Infinite" edition or something like that. I remember refusing to buy the Green Arrow/Black Canary/Green Lantern 3-pack because they used the modern "improved" costumes rather than the classics.