Saturday, April 22, 2017

Captain Atom #084 (1966)

Under the creative eyes of Steve Ditko and Gary Friedrich, and editor Dick Giordano, the second Blue Beetle was born as a back up feature in Charlton Comics' "Captain Atom". Today, let's take a look at the second adventure of everyone's favorite Beetle!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Blue Beetle #7 (2016)

"Jaime Reyes: Reluctant Wielder of the Power of the Blue Beetle Scarab. Ted Kord: Billionaire Industrialist and Sidelined Superhero. Together They Are The Blue Beetle...Whether They Like It Or Not." Last issue Jaime's soul was torn from his body so the creature in the crypt could take control of the scarab...and then Dr. Fate showed up! Keith Giffen and Scott Kolins are back, and I hope it's with some answers, with issue #6 and a story called "Risen!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Blue Beetle #9 (Fox) Part 4

"Smashing down upon the underworld rackets comes the Blue Beetle...made almost invulnerable by special armor, and given super-energy by vitamin 2-X, he crusades with hard-hitting fists for law and reality he is Dan Garret...rookie police man"

Yes, Beetlemaniacs, it's time once again for a Golden Age Blue Beetle adventure! In the final of 4 stories from issue #9, the Blue Beetle unravels a mystery that includes a mad doctor and a talking corpse!

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