Saturday, August 30, 2014

My Continuing Adventures With Mego-style Blue Beetle Customs

You may recall that I've been working on some custom Mego-Style Blue Beetles. (here and there) When I finally wrap this epic project I'll have at least 8 figures! Costumed heroes and secret identities. So far, the costumed heroes have posed the bigger problem. I could buy or commission custom clothing and custom heads, but the artist in me has decided to make them myself...though it's proving to be a lengthy process full of trial and error.

In the meantime, I have been working on the secret identities by mostly using existing pieces. Buy and outfit here, a body there...which leads me to today's post...Jaime Reyes!

For Jaime, I used a 6 inch "teen" body. I chose to go with the "adult" 8 inch figure clothes though. I liked how it gave him a baggy, youthful style. Where as I left Dan and Dan's somewhat generic heads untouched I did thicken the eyebrows, and change the eye color on Jaime. I used a head I found online that seemed a better fit that most of the generic "teen" heads...but I'm pretty sure this used to be "Bud" from "Married With Children."

So, that's Silver Age Dan Garrett the archaeologist, Modern Age Jaime Reyes the teenager, and Golden Age Dan Garret the cop done. Next up...Bronze Age Ted Kord! Then back to the costumed heroes...sewing, and possibly silk screening, tiny spandex outfits and sculpting and casting the's going to be a lot of work, but this is a labor of love, and an adventure!

And thanks again to Anthony Durso of the awesome Toyroom for the boxes!

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