Saturday, April 8, 2017

Blue Beetle #7 (2016)

"Jaime Reyes: Reluctant Wielder of the Power of the Blue Beetle Scarab. Ted Kord: Billionaire Industrialist and Sidelined Superhero. Together They Are The Blue Beetle...Whether They Like It Or Not." Last issue Jaime's soul was torn from his body so the creature in the crypt could take control of the scarab...and then Dr. Fate showed up! Keith Giffen and Scott Kolins are back, and I hope it's with some answers, with issue #7 and a story called "Risen!

At a house in El Paso, Texas, Milagro, Jaime's sister, sits on the floor playing a game with her friend Tina. Milagro is not happy about being forced to hide out like this. Tina tries to reassure her though, saying Kord and Teri Magnus will see to them. When Milagro asks about Teri though Tina reminds her of their agreement not to discuss some secret. Hmmm. Mr. Reyes gets a brief update from Mrs. Blanca "Doc" Reyes, while Sugar and Spike take a snack break, but its cut short as she tells him Ted is going after Jaime (following the events of last issue). 

Down in the underground (couldn't resist that Labyrinth reference) Dr. Fate continues to battle the scarab being, or as he calls it "Blighted Obscenity" while Mordecai watches from the shadows. The beetle beast pauses, which Fate takes as recognition. After all, it was Fate that took him down ages ago.

Flashback, to what appears to be ancient Egypt (but isn't clearly stated as such) where Arion, Lord of Atlantis, appears to demand Dr. Fate turn the scarab over to him. 

According to Fate, Arion has been corrupted by past exposure to the scarab. The Atlantean insists that the scarab will help him save his realm. The two spar, verbally and with magic, until Arion breaks into the maniacal, drooling laughter of a madman.

Back in the present, Fate tries to contain the scarab creature unsuccessfully. He asks it to yield, promising a quick end, and instead is blasted by it's energy! As the Doctor recovers, the scarab releases Jaime's body which rejoins his spirit before collapsing to the ground. The voice from the sarcophagus explains that it was his act of mercy, releasing the boy. 

Back above ground, Paco and Brenda play video games at her aunt's, as some of the Horde appear outside. Insulting one another, flirting, and worrying about Jaime. As we leave this scene, the Horde appear to have vanished. 

Ted Kord is back in action! Landing the BUG at one of the abandoned houses, Ted takes a tunnel underground to search for Jaime. 

The beetle beast crushes Fate's helmet, while the crypt creature rants about betrayal, missed opportunities for the two to kill each other and end this for good, and more.

In Salem, Massachusetts, in the Tower of Fate, Kent Nelson screams when he realizes he's finally free of Nabu and Fate. Its a short lived moment though, as Fate restores himself and regains control. Re-energized, Fate blasts the scarab. Ted arrives and unleashes the flash and fire of two BB Guns on the Horde, in an attempt to get to Jaime. 

Once he's made his way to the boy, Fate teleports them back to Kord's base. Which is when the being in the coffin, now in full possession of the scarab and it's power, reveals itself to be...a very twisted version of Arion!

Is it just me or has this series been going full throttle for the last few issues? Frenetic a magical blue roller coaster! Man I am LOVING this ride! We got some answers...sort of, we know the thing in the sarcophagus was Arion the Immortal, Lord of Atlantis. We know Doctor Fate put him there, seemingly to stop him from taking control of the scarab. We still don't know exactly what the scarab is though. We did get to see Ted back in action, which made this Beetlemaniac grin from ear to ear! We got a new question too...what is Tina's secret about Teri? Scott Kolins art was gorgeous (as usual)...and it definitely captures the energy and excitement of the story! I can't wait for next month!

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  1. Oh no! It looks like Doctor Fate will have to fight Aku! I hope Samarai Jack shows up.