Saturday, July 25, 2015

"Brother's Keeper"

Last issue Jaime and the Posse raided a meta-human compound looking for a baby, Brenda's aunt was revealed as the mysterious La Dama, Peacemaker announced that the scarab was alien technology, and I was a little confused. John Rogers and Cully Hamner pick it up from there...will we get answers? Let's find out...

Jaime has taken his family, and friends Paco and Brenda, out to the desert to see where he landed after the events of "Infinite Crisis". After the revelation last issue that the scarab was alien, and not magical, they're trying to retrace Jaime's steps to find out more. Milagro, Jaime's little sister, almost seems to have recovered from her fear of her brother's new powers...almost, but not quite. She does help though, by suggesting that if you want to find something that's lost (in this case Jaime's memory and time) she imagines going back to bedin the morning and starting from there. 

Peacemaker suddenly appears, and agrees if they're going to find out anything about the scarab, Jaime needs to remember everything he can! Paco reminds Jaime that he'd already told them Booster Gold was the one who woke him that day...and from there we flashback to Blue Beetle, in the Batcave, having just thrown-up! He's nervous, this is the big leagues. Several members of the League are present...and they need his help! 

Next thing he knows, they're flying one of Ted Kord's BUGs into space, in search of the Brother Eye satellite. The scarab was key in finding the satellite, because it could "negate its vibrational frequency". While his family questions how he could do that, Jaime realizes he never thought to ask...and that's when the scarab informs him it is because its creators used similar technology. 

Back on the satellite, the OMACs attack! Blue Beetle finds himself surrounded, and taking damage, but Black Canary and Green Arrow arrive to save the day. 

Once clear, Beetle uses the scarab's tech to connect with the satellite's system and set off some explosions, giving the trio a chance to get away. But like they say, out of the frying pan and into the fire. No sooner do they dodge the first group of OMACs, than they find themselves face to face with another! The League calls for everyone to evacuate, but Batman is MIA. Green Lantern (Hal) says he'll take care of Bats...and the scarab freaks! 

The mere mention of Green Lantern (he seems to react more to the name than the fact John Stewart is standing behind him) sends the scarab into stealth mode causing Jaime to fade from site. Invisible, and afraid, Jaime soon finds himself alone on an exploding satellite as everyone else leaves. Just remembering that moment brings the teen to tears...and earns a hug from his, no longer frightened, sister. 

As night falls, the group prepares to leave the desert, and Peacemaker leaves Jaime with something to think about.

Not a bad issue, definitely lots to think about, and some very nice character beats. Imagine being granted this great power, being asked by someone you admire to help, then losing control of the power and finding yourself abandoned far from home. It's scary and sad! I also like the continued presence of Peacemaker. I'd originally looked at Jaime as a "pretender to the throne", not really part of the Blue Beetle legacy, but by weaving in this Charlton character Rogers (and Giffen in previous issues) really brings home the idea that Jaime IS tied to Ted, and Dan before him. Too bad, having already read the New52 Blue Beetle run, that all ties to the legacy were later abandoned. Maybe, if we're this post Convergence DCU...if we do see any version of Blue Beetle again, his history will not be ignored. 

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