Saturday, June 21, 2014

Showcase '94 #3

Last month, inspired by our friends at the Fire and Water Podcast's coverage of Aquaman and Firestorm back-up stories, we looked at part 1 of a 3 part story from "Showcase '94". (If you missed part 1 click here) Today we take a look at "Caged City, Chapter Two: A Bug In The System" written by Brian Augustyn, with pencils by Patrick Rolo and inks by Dick Giordano. 

Last issue left Ted, who'd traveled to the city of Freemont investigating the use of one of his patents, surrounded by cops in his hotel room. When this issue opens he's been hauled downtown and put in front of the man in charge, a guy named Kurtz. Kurtz makes it clear he doesn't want heroes in his town.

Kurtz ominously tells his men to "Take the insect away!" and put him in a cell. As they lead him down into their prison though Ted sees an opportunity. The BUG isn't the only piece of Kord technology in this town. The cops are carrying versions of his old BB gun. He makes his move, snatches a gun from one of the cops, blasts them with the strobe then knocks them down with the compressed air blast! Before he gets too far though reinforcements arrive...and they're carrying someone else's tech...light sabers! Well...actually, electrified billy clubs! 

Another wave of cops is closing in, but never count Blue Beetle out! Ted gets his hands on one of the clubs and shorts out the lights. See? Ted's a smart guy. 

Kurtz declares Blue Beetle a criminal and orders his men to recapture him immediately! He's not letting anyone interfere with his plans. Ted meanwhile uses the darkness and chaos to slip into the ventilation system looking for a way out. He finds it too when he reaches a hanger full of BUGs! Once he's in the pilots seat, he figures he'll get out, notify the real cops and help take down Kurtz and his psychos. It doesn't look good though when Kurtz's men follow in the remaining BUGs, and launch a missile aimed to blow Ted out of the sky!

This was another fast paced thrill ride, with a cliffhanger worthy of the old movie serials! Will Ted survive? Will the psychotic Kurtz be removed from power? Join us next month for the thrilling conclusion!

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