Saturday, September 28, 2013

Big 3 #1

Back in 1941, Fox Features Syndicate combined their three biggest characters, Blue Beetle, Sampson and the Flame in a title called...well, uh..."Big 3".
Here's Dan Garret's adventure from "Big 3" #1, by Charles Nicholas*

*I've said before, but it's worth mentioning again...”Charles Nicholas” is actually a pseudonym used by 3 creators while working on “Blue Beetle” at Fox Features Syndicate…Chuck Cuidera, Charles Wojtkoski, and Jack Kirby


  1. Gotta say, those 3 don't really pull me in...they're no Captain America, Human Torch &Sub-Mariner!

  2. I think there's a certain charm to the old Dan Garret strips, but I don't know enough about Samson or the Flame, or their stories, to judge them. That said...i've got to admit, this cover image doesnt exactly scream "excitement".